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Obtaining a Loans in the USA.

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      Environmental Issues

      • The Proactive Approach to Government Regulation   

        (Chris Edwards, Jan/March 2002 issue.)

      • Guidelines for State Industry Initiatives     

        (Steve Risotto, Jan/March 2002 issue.)

      • Drycleaning in Perc -- Why Not?     

        (Dr. Mike Walker, Oct./Dec/ 2002 issue.)


      Industry Leadership

      • Changing Times -- The Industry in the 21st Century

        (Bill Pulley, July/Sept. 2002 issue)

      • CINET's Outlook for the Future of the Textile Care Industry

        (Theo Lagrange, July/Sept. 2002 issue)


      Success Stories

      • Zero to 100 in 10.3 -- The Safeway UK drycleaning story.

        (John Barber, Oct./Dec. 2002 issue.)


      Fellowship Reports

      • Kelly Smith, Canada     

        (A report of his trip to the Eastern U.S., including being in New York City on September 11, 2001.  Expanded version, text only.)


      Innovative Ideas

      • Effective Communications Today   

        (Becca Anderson, Oct./Dec. 2002 issue.)