IDC Dinners

    IDC is an active part of the textile care industry, and members participate in the major events that support and improve our industry.  One such event is the Clean Show, held every two years in the USA.  This convention gives the industry a chance to review new technologies, see equipment in action and talk with suppliers face to face.

    In conjunction with this major show, IDC members gather for dinner and fellowship near the site of the convention.

    IDC 2001 Dinner     

    IDC Dinner at Clean Show a Great Success

    Like every other evening of the New Orleans Clean Show, July 20, 2001 was warm and humid.  IDC members gathered in the deliciously cool La Nouvelle Ball Room at Hotel Monteleone to welcome their guests and catch up on friendships.  An hour of socializing seemed to pass in moments, and people were reluctant to break off their energetic conversations to sit down to dinner.

    Among the 114 IDC members and guests were the International Fabricare Institute (IFI) Board of Directors and IFI's CEO, Bill Fisher. Attendance at the dinner included residents of the U.S., Canada, Germany, Japan, UK, Costa Rica, Columbia, and Venezuela.

    IDC Board Members at the Clean '01 Dinner (from l to r):  Bob Ching (China),
    Marcia Todd (Canada), Simon Murray (UK), Tom Gosselin (USA), Egon Burchard
    (Germany), Jack Barron (USA), Manfred Wentz (USA), Nobuyasu Igurashi (Japan),
    Malcolm MacGregor (Canada), and Murray Kaplan (Colombia).


    In his welcome remarks, IDC Executive Director Dr. Manfred Wentz praised the attendees for demonstrating "international goodwill" by coming to the IDC dinner instead of strolling down Bourbon Street. He introduced IDC Board members, former IDC Presidents and special guests to the audience. Among them were CEO's of major suppliers to the industry, publishers/ editors of the leading trade journals and world-renowned textile care researchers. Thereafter, dinner was served.  

    Dinner featured New Orleans cuisine, and an opportunity to get to know ones tablemates better.  IDC members took the opportunity to tell visitors about our organization and ED pills online, and relate stories of adventures theyd had on various IDC excursions.

    After dinner, IDC President Tom Gosselin introduced the members of the IFI Board of Directors.  Bob Shirley, Immediate Past President of IFI, was our keynote speaker.  He emphasized the importance of working together as a team in improving our industry and raising the level of competence and excellence of those involved in textile care.

    IFI Immediate Past President Bob Shirley
    gives Keynote Address at IDC Dinner.

    In a surprise action, William (Bill) Seitz, retired Executive Director of the Neighborhood Cleaners Association (NCA), received the IDC President's award for his role in shaping our industry and Professor Josef Kurz from the Hohenstein Institutes, Germany,  presented Seitz with an honorary lifetime membership award to the prestigious research institute. No one was more surprised than Bill!

    Bill Seitz (second from left) holds the Hohenstein Certificate.
    To his left, Josef Kurz of the Hohenstein Institutes.  To his right,
    Manfred Wentz, Executive Director of IDC, and Tom Gosselin, IDC President.


    As is traditional at IDC dinners, President Tom Gosselin, urged us On to Arizona for the IDC Convention, to be held in Phoenix at the Arizona Biltmore, October 3-7, 2001.  Though the evening ended with this presentation, many attendees lingered for further fellowship and talk, making for a memorable evening.

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