IDC Fellowship Program

Introducing younger members of our industry to new ideas,
cultures and practices through international travel and study.

    IDC Fellowship Program    

    The mission of the IDC Fellowship Program is to strengthen international understanding and goodwill for the younger generation of our membership.  2003 marks the 19th anniversary of this outstanding program.  During this time, we have sponsored candidates from a dozen countries.

      IDC Fellowship Recipients 2000, Takeo Matsumoto (Japan), left, Bridget Murphey (Australia), right, with Fellowship Chairman, Tom Gosselin.


    Click here to read 2001 Fellow Kelly Smith's report (including Sept. 11 in New York City).     


    As part of the process, we try to match the candidates' interests with the individual sponsor.  Interests of the Fellows do not need to be exclusively drycleaning.  We make every effort to honor their desires.  Many members have other business divisions (such as linen supply, uniforms, healthcare, dust control, photo shops, as well as retail laundry.)  We have host companies that can satisfy all the needs of the fellowship candidate.


      • The candidate needs to be the son or daughter of a member of IDC, or his/her general manager.

      • The candidate needs to be less than 40 years old.

      • The candidate needs to speak English well enough to understand and communicate.


    IDC grants a $2,000 US stipend to assist the candidate with his/her travel costs.  This amount will not always cover the travel costs, depending on where the candidate is coming from.  Living expenses may or may not be covered by your host company, depending on their preference.  Most applicants travel to North America, but others continue on to Asia, Australia or Europe.  The time commitment is a minimum of 2 weeks.  Making an oral report to the delegates of that year's IDC convention is a requirement, and registration for the entire convention is a necessity.

    How to become a Fellow or Sponsor    

    How to Become A Fellowship Participant

    Candidates meeting the criteria set forth by the IDC Board (listed above) should send a letter of interest to the Fellowship Committee, c/o IDC Headquarters, 9016 Oak Branch Drive, Apex, NC 27539.  All applications are judged on the basis of the criteria, and the enthusiasm of the candidate for the project.  IDC is actively seeking to expand the Fellowship program to give more young people the opportunity to travel and learn from industry leaders in other countries, and encourages all who are interested to apply.

    How to Become A Sponsor

    Host companies agree not only to make every effort to show the Fellow the types of operations that interest him/her, but also to extend courtesy and often financial resources to make the candidate's stay comfortable and profitable.  IDC offers the following named fellowships to recognize individuals, organizations or companies that have made significant financial and/or extraordinary service contributions to the educational mission of IDC:

      • Cambell Reddenbach (Australia)

      • Leroy Burch (USA)

      • George M. Shepherd (USA)

      • Takeo Igarashi (Japan)

      • R.R. Street's (USA)

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